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Keeping it Real Estate

Jan 29, 2018

Happy Monday everyone! On Episode 3 of Keeping it Real Estate we discuss this past week and have a very special interview with the minion herself, intern Jordan. Segments include: Realest Date in Real Estate, Real Estate Headlines, Netflix and Chill, AP Dictionary, and Listener Questions. Enjoy!! 


Rock Angel by...

Jan 22, 2018

Welcome to Episode 2 of Keeping it Real Estate. Today we go over our recent PR meeting, Andrew asks for advice on whether he should get a dog or not, and we embrace debate on the hard-hitting discussion of Flips vs. Rentals. Segments include: Realest Date in Real Estate, Weekly Beef, What I Learned this Week, AP...

Jan 18, 2018

On the first installment of Keeping it Real Estate, the AP boys provide a little bit of background on their company and brand.  They also peel back the curtain on their first home renovation project and have some fun with real estate-themed segments including:

- The Realest Date in Real Estate

- Weekly Beef

- What I...